Indeed, the future is closer than we think! A fridge can have a Skype and browser now, or it can play you a video or music, whatever you want.


Система Orphus
Custom icons design on BEKO refrigerator interface
One day, we were approached by Beko to design a set of icons for their new fridge which had a graphic interface with a lot of features that are not really common for such a device.

Detailed Sketches

As usual, prior to rendering the icons, they should be visualized as pencil sketches.
Icons design process - Sketches


Apple pictograph

a) In Artua we always start with the search of the most obvious and clear visual metaphor for each icon.

Pen pictograph

b) Then, we always pay as much attention as possible to each pixel to look ideal on every device.

Compass pictograph

c) Our goal is to design each icon from scratch to perfectly fit our client's and user's needs.

It's rendering time now!

Visual metaphors are finally ironed out so we can now render them, creating a pixel perfect set of cute icons.
Refrigerator icon rendering


Expire Tracking icon rendering

Expire Tracker

Chef Recipes icon rendering

Chef Recipes

Shopping List icon rendering

Shopping List

Appliance Control icon design

Appliance Control

User Manual icon design

User Manual

Meal Planner icon design

Meal Planner

Weather icon design


Photo Album icon design

Photo Album

Notes icon design


Document Viewer icon design

Document Viewer

Calendar icon design


Radio icon design


Video Notes icon design

Video Notes

E-shopping icon design


Browser icon design


Cold Water icon design

Cold Water

Smashed Ice icon design

Smashed Ice

Cube Ice icon design

Cube Ice

Multimedia fridge

One of the goals was to fit the icons into the interface. When the work on the icons started, the interface was already complete. So we made the icons stand out, and at the same time, be an integral part of the interface.

And now you can tap the Music icon and start listening to your favorite songs while putting groceries into your fridge.