Being the preferred icon design provider for Cisco Systems, we have designed hundreds of icons and illustrations, but this is one of our favorite projects.


Система Orphus

Holiday Sets

There were a few icon / illustration sets we designed with their own themes. Compared to our work doing standard Cisco business designs, these were different, creative, and much more fun.
Custom icons - Sand bucket
Custom icons - Starfish
Custom icons - Flower
Custom icons - Beach shoes

Sports Equipment

There was a big set of sport equipment illustrations for various kinds of sports starting from a hockey puck and up to a football.
Custom icons - Baseball
Custom icons - Football

Skeuomorphic Icons

Some illustration goals were to precisely replicate real life objects, like this camera, for example. It was all about the details here.
Custom icons - Skeuomorphic camera icon

Halloween Icon Set

Trick or Treat? A set of illustrations with a Halloween theme. The Hat could be from the Harry Potter set however :)
Custom icons - Scarecrow
Custom icons - Brew
Custom icons - Bat
Custom icons - Pumpkin
Custom icons - Spider
Custom icons - Grave
Custom icons - Candies
Custom icons - Hat

Some of them were really sweet like this birthday cake, yummy!

Custom icons - Cake

The guy who randomly shoots without missing.

Custom icons - Cupid

Christmas Holidays

And last but not least, a Christmas set. This series of illustrations for the holidays is a favorite for many people all over the world.
Custom icons - Christmas sock
Custom icons - Lollopop
Custom icons - Christmas present
Custom icons - Mistletoe
Custom icons - Snow globe
Custom icons - penguin
Custom icons - Snowman
Custom icons - Sledge