A set of illustrations for the Nike+ activity tracker package. The goal was to illustrate the main features of the device.


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Graphic design illustration - Nike Plus
Reference and Inspiration
The guys from Nike wanted their Nike + products package to be just as cool as their actual products. So they decided to approach Artua to design cool and vivid icons for it.
Illustration design - box
In this icon, the idea was to show the running shoe in action. We tried a few versions and finally stopped with the fire one. You’re being so active, fire is coming out your feet!
Illustration design - Show on fire
Illustration design - Sport shoe
Illustration design - Shoe
Accessibility Makes it Easy
You can track your activity using different devices, it can be either a mobile device or laptop. It should be clearly visible from the very first glance on the packaging.
Illustration design - Laptop and Cell phone
Some Tricky Concepts
There were some comparatively straight forward concepts introducing plug in or downloading features, but it becomes tricky when you need to illustrate “get moving”. We ended up with the running man concept, he is obviously moving :)
Illustration design - Slot
Illustration design - Get moving
Illustration design - Arrow
Wear it all day!
You wear the device all day. We illustrated it with the band and clock inside it with spinning hands to represent the passing day.
Illustration design -Smart watch
Consistent Icon Set
As a result, we've got a set of colorful and bold icons / illustrations to proudly put on a device that is sold worldwide!
Illustration design - Nike Plus