There was a time when the iPhone camera application was much weaker in terms of features and capabilities than now. During that time, we designed the Camera Genius application’s UI which significantly increased its functionality.


Система Orphus
Iphone app design - Camera Genius

Realistic UI

The interface for the iPhone had to look similar to a real DSLR camera. Thanks to a great quality, high resolution retina display, all the elements of the UI look realistic.

Trendy back in the day

Skeuomorphism was really trendy in those days, so we were trying to design graphics as realistic and as three dimensional as possible.

Graphical user interface - Trendy back in the day
User interface - Effects
User interface - Albums
User interface - Settings

This interface design was the first one we designed for the iOS platform, and despite the years that have passed, we love this app! Although the trends are different now, this project is kinda special and meaningful for us, here at Artua.

App store icon - Camera genius