DataWiz is an application developed by the Princeton EDGE Lab of Princeton University, known as the birthplace of many modern technologies.


Система Orphus
Detailed Statistics
The task of the app is to count the data flow on your mobile device. It calculates data usage on 3G and Wi-Fi separately, helping you to fit your usage within limited 3G/4G data plans.
UI Design - Stats
The application allows you to predict future traffic expenses based on available month to month statistics. To visualize this, we designed a special chart using green, an easily identifiable color already used in this application.
iPhone App Design - Prediction
The application also has integrated maps. They show you statistics for data usage in different locations.
iPhone App Design - Mapping
Team work
Three designers at Artua Agency lead by the Art Director and backed up by the Project Manager worked on both the iOS and the Android application versions. The whole project took us about 100 working hours to complete.
iPhone App Design - Alerts